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Within the framework of VAT registration in Germany foreign companies are obliged to file preliminary returns and tax returns as well as to provide information to the tax authorities in case of queries.

The tax returns must be submitted on officially stipulated forms and transmitted electronically.  Different deadlines apply and must be observed regarding the various tax liabilities such as preliminary VAT return, INTRASTAT return or summary return.

WW+KN offer foreign companies the complete VAT compliance process. On receiving the documentation from the company registered in Germany, WW+KN checks the documentation, registers the VAT data and transmits the preliminary VAT returns. In addition, WW+KN transmits INTRASTAT returns, summary returns, monitors the deadlines, examines the incoming and outgoing invoices, corresponds with the tax authorities, applies for VAT refunds and the EORI number with the customs authorities for import into the EU.

Summary of the most important details

  • Companies which are subject to VAT in Germany must fulfil tax duties.
  • Tax returns must be transmitted electronically.
  • WW+KN supports foreign companies throughout the complete VAT compliance process.