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Has your foreign company received invoices including German VAT? WW+KN will support you in applying to the Federal Tax Agency (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) for reimbursement of your paid German VAT.

We inform foreign companies about the conditions of the procedure, send them the necessary forms, check the application documents are complete and valid for reimbursement, then we submit these to the authorities before the cut-off date. We make ourselves available to the German authorities for any questions they might have, and we deal with any obstacles.

Who can apply for reimbursement?

  • Companies liable for VAT,
  • located in another state outside the EU having an agreement with Germany regarding reimbursement of advance taxes,
  • having no business location in Germany,
  • and having completed no deliveries or other services in Germany.

Paid VAT is reimbursable on some items, including:

  • Costs for exhibitions and conferences
  • Fuel and vehicle costs
  • Repairs and services
  • Accommodation and restaurant costs


Important: Companies established in another EU country can reclaim any German VAT through the EU 8th Directive VAT system. The system for the reclaim of German VAT for companies from other EU companies was changed in 2010.

EU companies can now submit German VAT recovery applications through an online portal operated by their national tax authority.  This is then processed and submitted to the relevant national authority who must refund the VAT directly to the company. The deadline for submissions is 30 September of the year following the year in which the invoice was raised.

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