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VAT Compliance

Correspondence with tax authorities

The official language in Germany is German. The tax authorities issue all correspondence, information, tax assessments etc. in German and all letters, tax returns etc. must be submitted in German. The tax authorities can request a translation of foreign documents.

Correspondence with the tax office is usually via letter, email, fax and telephone. The filing of an objection for example must be in writing. Tax returns are usually only filed electronically to the tax office.

Normally correspondence from the tax office is sent directly to the tax payer, therefore in some circumstances abroad. If a tax advisor in Germany represents the client, he will receive all correspondence, assessments etc. from the tax office. The tax advisor can also reply to correspondence from the tax office and submit tax returns on behalf of the client.


Summary of the most important points

  • In Germany the official language is German and all correspondence and tax returns etc. must be submitted in German.
  • Tax returns are usually filed electronically.
  • The tax advisor can be the authorized recipient for the foreign company.