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Amazon / Ebay sellers

Nowadays many companies offer their line of goods via the internet.

The online traders sell their goods, mainly consumer products such as clothes, toys, electronic items, books or similar goods via their own online shops, but mainly via amazon and ebay or other providers of sales platforms. This so-called e-commerce has developed into a separate sales channel and especially private individuals tend to buy goods via the internet. Selling takes place cross-border and customers shop conveniently via laptop, tablet or smart phone from home or when out and about.

Electronic trade via the internet

Electronic trade via the internet includes all business relations between internet traders, which use the internet only or in addition to their sales outlet or established mail-order business, and the internet users, who look for goods on the internet. The goods on offer which are often presented with comprehensive descriptions, photos and videos can be selected just like purchasing in a shop and placed in a so-called shopping basket. The order procedure is completed when the order is transmitted online and the goods are handed over to the customer, usually in the form of a parcel delivery.

When selling via amazon, the traders use the company from Luxembourg because it is well-known throughout Europe. When using ebay, sellers can offer their goods within the framework of an auction or as an immediate sale.

online selling

Summary of the most important details

  • E-commerce is nowadays a separate sales channel.
  • Above all private individuals buy consumer goods via the internet.
  • Many sales were performed via amazon and ebay.